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Kara Wilson in Bloomsbury Bell

Kara Wilson in BLOOMSBURY BELL – A portrait in words, music and oil paint of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell
Bloomsbury  Bell
A one woman show featuring
Kara Wilson as Vanessa Bell
written by Kara Wilson
adapted from
“Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell; A Very Close Conspiracy”
by Jane Dunn

Alone in her studio, Vanessa Bell, a strong, silent woman who rarely expresses her feelings, allows herself some introspection on her life and her relationship with her sister Virginia Woolf.

The play is set in April 1941 in Vanessa Bell’s studio at Charleston Farmhouse, Sussex just weeks after her sister Virginia Woolf has drowned herself in the River Ouse.

During the course of the narrative Vanessa paints an oil portrait of Virginia - a reworking of the early study hanging in Monks House, Rodmell.

Running time is 55 minutes.


“Vanessa Bell, a warmer and in many ways a more sympathetic character than her sister Virginia, is wonderfully portrayed by Kara Wilson in this poignant performance.  The fascination of watching her painting her sister’s portrait - brilliantly - while reminiscing about her life and the tragic death of her son Julian, made it a genuinely moving evening, at the end of which we all felt we had met Vanessa herself.”

Valerie Grove, Times columnist

“Kara Wilson gives voice to the most silent member of Bloomsbury: watching her paint a portrait as she speaks of the past brings a touching reality to Vanessa’s struggle to be true to memory and her art.”

Jane Dunn

“A stunning performance giving us a fascinating insight into the thoughts of an intriguing woman. You must see it!”

Nanette Newman

“Kara Wilson has the unique gift of bringing historical characters to three-dimensional life. Her latest recreation, following her brilliant evocation of Tamara de Lempicka, is a total delight.”

Bryan Forbes

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